What can Askival do for you?

Askival’s approach is outcome focused and our people thrive on success. If we do not think a project is deliverable we say so, and we say why, and we do not waste a client’s time and money chasing unviable projects. That is not to say that Askival fights shy of challenges. Far from it. We have a record of success in some of the most politically complex, ethnically diverse and economically challenging parts of the country and use a wide range of negotiation skills to progress our clients’ objectives.


  • "We’re delighted with Askival’s help in supporting our £300M development programme and working closely with our team to deliver over 1,000 new homes."
    Neal Hunt, Development Director, Poplar HARCA
  • “IDS is a very small company which could not afford its own development team. Askival is the virtual one, as if internal. It is good to have our first two schemes underway.”
    Omar Mapara, Finance Director, Industrial Dwellings Society
  • "The Askival team has been instrumental in supporting the Council in preparing for CPOs. Their advice and guidance has been high quality and always timely. Their calm demeanour and supportive approach has broader benefits for the Council team working alongside them."
    Julian Hart, Estate Regeneration and Housing Delivery Programme Consultant
  • "We find Askival an excellent company to work alongside and they are useful in sourcing development land.”
    Andy Vincent, Chief Operating Officer, Sussex Weald Homes
  • "...The Askival team has been instrumental in supporting housing delivery within Tower Hamlets through delivery of regeneration schemes for Poplar HARCA. Team members have previously worked with the council in supporting a major regeneration scheme through resident engagement and land assembly."
    Niall McGowan, Housing Regeneration Manager, LB Tower Hamlets
  • “Malcolm delivers work to an excellent standard and has provided an exceptional service for Aberfeldy Village. Tony’s CPO skills are invaluable. He and Malcolm are seen as part of the in-house development team.”
    Paul Dooley, Development Director, Poplar HARCA
  • “Askival has provided an oven-ready development team, known and trusted, reliable and with governance. They very quickly drafted a development strategy for me to take to the board.”
    Suzanne Wolfe, Chief Executive, Industrial Dwellings Society
  • “It is early days in our relationship with Askival and I’m on a learning curve with residential development but I feel easy about asking questions – Mike’s explanations are clear and helpful. While Askival is not the cheapest, I am confident we will get quality and technical value for the money. It feels like a business partnership rather than a hired gun situation.”
    John Delahunty, Chief Executive, Innisfree HA