Design & Planning

This is one of the most important areas of our work.  Getting the ‘front end’ right is the key to making everything else run smoothly.  

Our goal is to secure outstanding design and commercially viable projects for our clients. We achieve this ambition by securing planning consent, getting the project on site and delivering real homes in the context of rising build costs.

Typically, this service would include:

  • Define & refine the design brief
  • Add value through design reviews and procurement  
  • Optimise return on investment – financial, social, environmental
  • Collate the team – architects, planners, construction professionals
  • Strengthen the scheme through local policy engagement
  • Explore elements beyond housing such as offices, retail space, cafes and gyms
  • Engender scheme support through community consultation
  • Focus on sustainable buildings and sustainable communities
  • Management of planning applications
  • Promote building material reclamation and renewable energy initiatives 
  • Initiate community activities such as artists’ workshops, fashion and design studios, and even bee-keeping  


  • “I’m on a learning curve with residential development but I feel easy about asking questions – Mike’s explanations are clear and helpful. While Askival is not the cheapest, I am confident we will get quality and technical value for the money. It feels like a business partnership rather than a hired gun situation.”
    John Delahunty, Chief Executive, Innisfree HA