Services Overview

  • Askival has the skills and expertise to help deliver development and regeneration projects for housing associations and local authorities
  • We support our clients to achieve their goals, whatever the size of their development programme
  • We work closely with our clients’ development teams where there is an in-house resource, or otherwise provide them with an all-inclusive delivery package 
  • Our corporate support includes detailed scheme reports, strategy and policy work and presentations for executive meetings and for board level decisions
  • Askival is successful in delivering viable schemes, working to deliver on time and budget, facilitating robust audits, and creating value for clients’ businesses

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  • “Malcolm delivers work to an excellent standard and has provided an exceptional service for Aberfeldy Village. Tony’s CPO skills are invaluable. He and Malcolm are seen as part of the in-house development team.”
    Paul Dooley, Development Director, Poplar HARCA
  • “IDS is a very small company which could not afford its own development team. Askival is the virtual one, as if internal. It is good to have our first two schemes underway.”
    Omar Mapara, Finance Director, Industrial Dwellings Society
  • “I’m on a learning curve with residential development but I feel easy about asking questions – Mike’s explanations are clear and helpful. While Askival is not the cheapest, I am confident we will get quality and technical value for the money. It feels like a business partnership rather than a hired gun situation.”
    John Delahunty, Chief Executive, Innisfree HA